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I loved reading about your trip to Saline Valley Warm Springs. I have been there about a dozen times, my former partner, over 20. we would go for five days - it takes 2-3 days to get LA out of your system. we were entirely nude the whole time we were there. great hiking in the mountains about an hour to the west. I wish I could remember the name of one hike that ends in a fern grotto on the NW side of the mountain that is nourished by a continued stream of water year round. stand in the cold water and gaze out to the scorching desert landscape! we hit a rock on the drive out and ended up with our Jeep Cherokee laying on its side. I was left hanging, naked, held in place by my seat belt. LOL. a good samaritan an hour later came by with a tow bar and righted us. we were on our way back home, this time dressed. I hadn't been there in awhile as I don't have anyone brave enough to go there with me.

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I am thrilled just by reading the description of the place & the corresponding images. However to visit such a place, it needs a tremendous courage, perfect preparation & temperament.. You have these qualities..I accept that I don't have it..

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