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I certainly don't have the Substack app. I try to keep my phone as clean of apps as possible. Whatever I'm doing, it can wait until I get to my PC.

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If I’m being honest, I’ve frequently blown past the open forum entries. Well, not true. I’ve read them, but I’ve never contributed. In fact, I’ve never really thought about contributing. But your cleaner slate approach to this month, intrigued me a bit. So…anything? Sure. Why not.

I enjoy writing, even if no one reads it. I read it. And I find that I enjoy both perspectives — creating and consuming, even when it’s my own work. Naturist writing, over the years, is something that has served as a sort of release for me. Years ago when I first stumbled on the work of “Sunny Day” I became a bit smitten with the idea of naturist writing. Like many, I debated whether or not Sunny was real. But in the end, I didn’t care. Hearing the story, fact or fiction, of someone embracing and sharing naturism with others struck a nerve. It was like living a bit of a naturist life vicariously though someone else’s words.

I think a lot of budding naturists do similarly. They enjoy the stories, the articles, the videos, the pictures, not as voyeurs, but as hidden participants. They plant themselves in a proverbial naturist forest, but remain obscured in the trees, stealing peeks of this beautiful but out-of-reach world.

That struggle to accept and embrace naturism is interesting. Fear and uncertainty are powerful. I’m not talking about blasting out your naturist status on SM, or placing a naturist symbol decal on your car. I’m referring to simply accepting, to yourself, that this is part of who you are, an element of your DNA. And that not only is it ok, but it’s wonderful. Naturist media, whether visual or the written word, helps people get there. It educates some, maybe even many. So I’m a fan of naturist writing, fact or fiction. It helps the curious realize what is possible.

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Thought you might like to check this out.


The video as a whole isn’t naturist-focused (though he makes some points relevant to us) but he meets some interesting people at the five-minute mark.

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it's a brief thoughtful & nice article. it opens up many topic.

everywhere around the globe, issues related to uncertain weather & the corresponding ailments are on rise. This itself confirms the importance of naturism in context to the global warming issues.

Using app is convenient, may be during travel. However laptop or desktop should be the first preference as it's somewhat more easy to explore the features than the mobile app. It may be because of my age..

You are right. There are quite a many good authors who beautifies naturism world with their thoughtful writings. I had a genuine passion about naturism & would certainly like if you contact over mail, though I may write or not about naturism.


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HOW is it possible to have cabin fever in such a beautiful place?!

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I don’t have substack. February is usually not a pretty month in the northern part of Texas. To say the least, the weather is confused. Warmish one day. Very cold the next. Not too far south in middle Texas its much milder. Waiting for May!

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