I understand that this year so far there has been more area burned in Canada than in the ten previous years combined. Something similar may have resulted in the Dark Day of 1780.


I have not enjoyed any outdoor nakedness for a couple of months due to a combination of heat and really bad knees.

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Somewhere there must be a middle of the road nice nude weather

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The weather is becoming more & more unpredictable nowadays, obviously because of man made global warming. As you said, let's hope for the good weather in August to practice naturism..

You may not be enjoying out of home naturism because of weather & here we can't enjoy outside naturism because of against naturism local harsh laws..

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i know this i a change of subject , but i would love some help on my proposed, scholarship/grant program to be directed toward young people, especially girls. i have secured funds but need help developing how the candidates would qualify, submit something to nudism, and the evaluation and selection of the winner/s... thx

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Is this another sugarcoated euphemism like "plus sized", nuro diverse, etc. ???

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