We have an event here called Nude Art LA. The first night is open specifically for nudists. Unfortunately they stopped having shows due to COVID. Looks like they'll be starting up again in 2023.


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Nov 1, 2023Liked by Jillian Page, Fred Heiser

I recall when I went to Cypress Cove I needed a haircut and went to the salon where most of the clients were women and received one. The staff were all clothed, but I wasn't. No problems. It's a strangely (unpleasant) feeling to be draped in a nylon cape to keep the chopped hair off when I could just walk into a shower afterwards - but it keeps the salon tidy!

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In the case of Sherwood Forest and Richard Collins, I can't help but feel that these sorts of pushing the envelope is what results in harsh restrictive laws being passed. That's how it works in most of the USA. There is a value to self-restraint and discretion.

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nicely briefed news/happenings about naturism/nudism around the globe..

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So much to ponder, but little to say. The idea of the museum tour is appealing. But, would it have global appeal across gender line or would it be a ‘boys night out,

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